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Dani Lorenzi

Just a little too legal...

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Name:Dani Lorenzi
Birthdate:Jul 30
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:- dream like new york

just a little too legal.
Dani's a bit of a mixed bag of a person that has the ability to keep people on their toes when they try to judge her. Born to Italian father, Angelo (a police officer), and Jewish mother, Carmella (a college Psychology professor), Dani's full name is Daniella Angela Lorenzi, but she prefers Dani simply because of the mouthful it is. Her mother's side of the family is relatively small, while her father's side is massive and hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, where she grew up close to her cousin, Nick Matheson.

Dani could be what is considered a bit of "bad girl". When she feels like it, she drinks, smokes, swears like a sailor, wears leather, and her transport of choice is black motorcycle with red trimming. Dani fell into these habits in her Freshmen year when her older sister of 21 at the time was killed in a car accident. They had been very close and Dani struggled extensively with her loss. She began to rebel once the grief started to really set in and fell into the "bad crowd". But what she discovered when she got there was that the "bad crowd" was actually full of good people and she made a lot of friends. Although with the right intervention from her parents, she did start to turn herself back around before she really slipped away, she could never quite shake the bad girl urges, but she did clean up her act and start acing all her classes. She had an ambition to become a lawyer from a young age, and without cleaning up her act, she would never have made it to Law School. At the end of the day, she's always going to be a typical good girl turned bad turned mostly good again, but she definitely knows how to have fun and will only take shit if she thinks you need and outlet to offload it.
dream like new york // [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
Despite Dani's urges to succeed in Law School, her whole life was turned upside down in the final months of her college life and she almost didn't graduate. After a one night stand with classmate, Curtis Harvey she discovered birth control had failed her and she was pregnant. She started to lose her footing, thinking she wouldn't ever make it as a lawyer as a single mother and a baby to look after, but vowed not to tell Curtis so she didn't ruin his career too. She found herself standing on an edge that she wasn't sure she should jump off or not. A huge part of her wanted to get an abortion. She had always been pro-choice and the notion of telling her police Lieutenant father that she was pregnant seemed a whole lot more terrifying than the prospect of getting an abortion. But after breaking down with her parents one night, she told them the truth and much to her surprise, they told her they would support her 100% with whatever decision she made.

She had always been close to her father, but it was this softer side of him that gave Dani a whole new respect for him, and it was his being a police officer that made her decide to go to Law School and she was lucky enough to get accepted to Harvard Law School. In probably a way too passionate determination, Dani decided to have the baby and finish college... even if it would kill her. And it very nearly did, but with a huge family, she had a lot of support and managed to get through it. Her first job as a lawyer was in Boston before she scored an amazing opportunity in Manhattan working at the same firm as her baby daddy and ex-classmate now turned colleague. She has now worked her way up to one of Manhattan's best criminal female attorneys and along with four year old son, Benito (Benny for short), she has forged her way as a single mom without needing a man to survive.

And it worked, until now Dani suddenly finds herself thrust abruptly into a terrible case of regret and guilt over not telling Curtis about his son, born of their boss, Mark Campbell, finding out he has a son and missed 16 years of his life.
RP journal only. Dani is an original character. No fandom affiliation, no profit being made. She is portrayed by actress, Rachael Leigh Cook, who belongs to herself. For fun times only.